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SaturnSync is an enterprise integration platform that enables seamless integration across applications such as ERP / CRM and other third-party apps and frameworks. SaturnSync helps you seamlessly connect your ERP to your ecommerce platform such as Amazon,Flipkart, etc., and sync transactions real time.


Connect your ERP such as SAP, Tally, Zoho, Quickbooks, etc with SaturnSync.


SaturnSync automatically synchronises data to and from data on a real time basis from your e-commerce store such as Amazon,Flipkart or your custom apps to your ERP


Let SaturnSync take care of all your automation thereby increasing your productivity and reducing data duplication and redundancy

Amazon Integration

Sales Order

Automatically Sync sales order real-time from Amazon. If a customer places an order on Amazon, you see it instantly on your ERP.*

Reconciling with Reserve Funds

Pass entries automatically for adjustments to reserve fund held by the marketplace, eliminating manual reconciliation. At the end of every settlement cycle, the Reserve balances on your ERP will match to that of Amazon.

Sales Invoice

Generate invoice instantly upon order confirmation. SaturnSync automatically captures all transaction related information such as order id, invoice number, etc.


Automatically account for commission and other charges such as shipping,
chargebacks, discounts, coupons etc.) levied by marketplace

Receipt Entry

Saturn Sync determines when a payment is processed by Amazon and instantly accounts a incoming payment (receipt) entry by closing the relevant invoices.

Accounting your Amazon transactions has never been this easy before.

Our Vision is simple, we want you to focus on selling on Amazon, while we take care of accounting on a live basis

Your accounting records are upto date since we pass entries on a live basis for the entire life cycle of a Sales Order right from customer placing Order to it's receipt 

Eliminate manual reconciliations since we take care of all entries. See your Reserve Funds on ERP matching with that of Amazon. Its that simple


Document Automation

Document automation is a SaturnSync AI powered workflow that enables you to automatically process your business documents into your ERP. Using SaturnSync you can automatically pass entries for documents such as Purchase Quotations, Purchase Orders, Invoices, Shipping & Delivery documents, Contracts, Goods Receipt Note and other business workflow related documents. SaturnSync offers a wide range of integration endpoints such as Email, Google Drive, DropBox, and REST APIs

Get Data

  • Automatically listen to multiple document source endpoints such as Email, DropBox, REST API

  • Realtime processing of business documents ensure instant accounting

Train ML Model

  • Leverage SaturnSync machine learning workflow to build a machine model of incoming documents

Prepare Data

  • Identify and parse content from documents

  • Extract and prepare document data by leveraging advanced SaturnSync technologies that leverage Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Natural Language Processing

Extract Data

  • Apply ML inferencing technique to automatically determine and validate business documents such as purchase orders


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